Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Working Together For Life

I have "accidentally" become involved in the prolife movement. The reason for the "quotes" is because I actually don't really believe in accidents...I believe in the sovereignty of God. A woman who leads a local prolife campaign where I live, stumbled upon a blog post that I wrote titled, 'Where Was I'  . Since then she and I have become friends and since then I have committed myself to getting involved with 40 Days For Life . If you haven't heard of the 40 Days For Life campaigns, I urge you to click on the link and research them...They are wonderful!

Because of my new involvement with 40 DFL I have experienced some pushback and some hostility. I was confused, hurt and even shocked by this. At first I thought maybe it was because some people just don't feel led to get involved...And, that's ok. I would honestly say that God doesn't call every Christian to stand outside of an abortion facilities to pray, counsel women, and to speak up for the unborn who have no voice. But, I would say that as Christians we should be concerned with the issue of abortion and we should be praying for it's end. Anyway...The pushback...I now know that it has more to do with the fact that I am partnering myself with Catholics. Gasp!!! A Protestant partnering with Catholics to pray for the precious lives of the unborn...Shocking!

This is something I am really trying to understand, but am really having a hard time with. Why are my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ turning their noses up at me because I have dared to serve with those who have theological differences than myself? I just can't see it? Where am I wrong here? Have I turned my back on my faith? No, of course not! If anything, I feel as if God is strengthening my faith by giving me a wonderful opportunity to get involved where He is obviously leading me. I have stood waaaay outside of my comfort zone and had the blessed opportunity to speak publicly by sharing my testimony, lead prayer with others, and even made a public presence outside of abortion facilities by committing myself to being there and praying. God is using these means as a way to grow me...and I am scared, excited, thankful and humbled all at the very same time!

And just as an FYI, 40 DFL isn't just a "Catholic thing". Yes, it was started by a couple families who also happen to be Catholic, but it wasn't meant to only be for Catholics. 40 Days For Life is a campaign made up of individuals of faith committed to praying, fasting and peaceful activism for an end to abortion. They are more than open to and even encourage Protestant partnering. Their goal is to unify around a common focus...To end abortion.

I know there are some theological differences. Differences that I do not take lightly...Differences that were important enough that the Reformers were labeled heretics, apostates, and even lost their lives over. I have not forgotten that, nor have I turned my back on that. But, would it be "more Christian" of me to reject a project or service opportunity because I may be the only "real Christian" there? Is that what our reformers, that we hold so dear did? No! They agonized over those that they disagreed with, trying with all that was in them to get them to see the truth. Their aim wasn't to reject them or turn their backs on them. Their desire was to reform the church they so adored! They loved the Catholic Church! To turn my nose up at partnering with Catholics or others that I may differ with theologically is, in my opinion, both arrogant and very un-Christian.

I think we can all agree that the Catholic Church has been the backbone and moving force behind the prolife movement...And, for much longer and broader than the Protestant Church's involvement. I praise God for their faithful commitment and service in protecting the innocent lives of the unborn. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be involved. I am humbled and honored to stand beside them for this precious cause!

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