Friday, March 21, 2014

What about the "gays"?

So, I've been asked this question...

"You're pro-life, right? You're a Christian, right? So, what would you do if there was a test to find out if the baby you're pregnant with is going to be gay? Would you have an abortion, because Christians hate gays, right?"

Wow...He really thought he stumped me with that one!

My response...

"First off, you're wrong...Christians do not hate "gays"...Or well, they shouldn't. If you meet a Christian who says they hate gays, then ask them if that is what Jesus would want of them? As a Christian you are to love as Christ has also loved us...You are to show love and compassion, mercy and grace towards your neighbor...Loving them as yourself...Even if they are "gays", as you say. Christ Himself doesn't hate "gays"...We are created in His image...Even the "gays". Now, do I agree with everything about their lifestyle...No, I do not...But are they worse off than me or you? No, they are not. Are you perfect? No. Do you need Christ as Savior? Yes. Do I need Christ? Yes. Do "gays" need Christ? Yes. His blood that was shed on the cross was for all...even the "gays".

Second, I said that I am PRO-LIFE...Pro-Life means just that...PRO-LIFE...That means ALL life! I do not pick and choose who should live and who should die...That's God's job...and last time I checked, I wasn't Him...Thank God for that! So, even though you think you got me with your "gotcha" question...You didn't. Because even if I found out that my baby was going to grow up to be gay, I would still celebrate his or her life growing inside of me...I would happily anticipate the birth of my little one and would welcomingly embrace them into this world! I would love and nurture him or her...always and forever! I would teach them of God, His love, His mercy, His only Son Christ Jesus and His saving grace! I would trust in the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, and might that His will be done in my child's life!"