Saturday, July 18, 2015

Harming Our Own

Being a mother, I am horrified when I read or hear of a story about another mother who has hurt her own children. It literally pains my heart. But, why?

How are we as a people shocked when we hear of children being neglected, abused, tortured, and murdered at the hands of their own parents, when we as a nation have fought for and won the rights to end the lives of our unborn children in the womb? Our own unborn children in our own wombs! We no longer refer to them as babies, but fetuses or clusters of cells, blobs, masses of tissue. They are called parasites, burdens, unwanted, mistakes, annoyances. They have been ripped of their most inherent human right...Their own right to life. We have screamed from the mountain tops that the woman has the right to choose...It's her body...No one has the right to force their beliefs or opinions upon her and her rights. Meanwhile the unborn have no rights...have no worth...have no value. And then we dare to be surprised when a mother kills her own 2 children and hides their bodies in a freezer for several years?! We can't believe that a mother would kill her own son and hide his body in her car for several years?! Are you kidding me?! Are we really confused by this?! I mean, weren't they just exercising their own rights to rid themselves of mere annoyances?

When we legalized abortion, we in turn spoke very loud and very clear how children are to be viewed. How can we expect mothers to cherish and treasure their children when they have the right to end their own babies' lives? It's just a matter of age and location...In the womb, 6 months old, 2 years old, 10 years old...15! It doesn't matter. Just mere issues of legality. We have no respect for life...Well, for the lives of our most innocent. Until women begin to truly see the worth of their unborn child, that they are not just a fetus, but a baby, their baby...Then they will begin to value that life and desire to protect that life. Until then, stop being so surprised by parents harming their own children...I mean, they are only acting out what has been fought for.