Thursday, November 6, 2008

For My Husband...(with love)

Well, my husband last night said that I really need to make a new post. Seriously, are you seriously being serious?! Do I not already have sooooo much to do?! Hello!!! baby...sick baby...sick kids...meals to cook...did I mention that we just had a new baby AND sick kids?!...and weekly doctor's appointments, noses to wipe, a baby that nurses like a mad man and butts to clean!...Ofcourse I only thought this all to myself...but out loud to him I said, "Oh, ok...I will."

Men! Do they not understand the busy-ness of a mom?! Seriously, just waking up and getting out of bed is an acomplishment these days! And then if I even manage to get dressed, brush my hair and my teeth...I am a winner! No, honestly my husband is super-duper amazing. He helps me out so much. Sometimes I do have to twist his arm a little bit and maybe even karate chop him with my words, but most of the time he totally rocks as a husband and father!

And, it really hasn't been that rough. Little Joshua is such a good baby! He cries so soft and hardly ever. He's already starting to smile and trying to talk to us. He's for sure going to be a "social butterfly", I can already tell! I'll be getting calls from school and notes sent home saying, "Joshua is such a sweet boy, he just needs to stop talking in class." Oh ya, that will for sure be him. But, for now...he's a wonderful baby! He just nurses like he's starving constantly. The doctor even said when she seen him that he has gained sooooo much since he was born (3 pounds in only 6 weeks!). She was very surprised that I was only nursing him! Joshua though is a little bit of a stinker! He's a "high needs" baby at times, and will only want MOM...that's when the fun begins! Because, it never fails that when he needs me so does Bella! Then I have to try and juggle both of them on my lap in my arms and they are both sobbing (ofcourse, what fun would it be without that?!) And, what doesn't help much sweet and loving husband is laughing at all of this! This is when I want to strangle my know, choke him! And, poor little Bella...she has been so very sick, then better, then sick again! Then ofcourse the cold ran through our house like crazy until we all got sick and then sick again! But, I remind myself that this time although stressful at times will be over so quickly, and we'll have an empty nest. I will look back and miss the "stressful moments". I am always looking back to when I first became a mommy...and now Toria is a 10 year old little stinker! And, JoJo's not to far behind her! Again, these cranky and fiesty moments will fade too, and the sounds of pitter-pattering little feet, little cries (and even big ones!), boo-boo's, and even the grumpy looks, huffy-puffy back-sass, stomping feet and slamming doors will all just be a distant memory. Hopefully a memory that we will all look back at and laugh, cry and thank God for!

I thank God with all of my heart for entrusting me to mother His children. I pray that even though at times I will indeed fall short, in the end I will hear, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

So, here I am posting for my darling husband! "Hi Honey, I love you!"