Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here's Some News For Ya...

Sooo...here's a bit of news for everyone...I'm pregnant...again!

Yep, again!

I know ok...we are crazy, insane, out of our ever loving minds!!!

Now, to answer some of your questions...

Question: What the heck are you guys thinking?!
Answer: Well duh...I'm pregnant...it's kinda obvious what we were thinking...and, that's between us anyways!

Question: Are you guys crazy?!
Answer: Nope, I'm sure we're both pretty sane...at least that's what the discharge papers from the institution said.

Question: Why didn't one of you get fixed?!
Answer: Because neither one of us were broken...duh, aint it obvious since we're having another baby?

Question: Haven't you guys figured out what causes this?!
Answer: Uhhhh...well, ya! Again...duh, we're having another baby! So, I'm guessing we figured out how they happen...and accomplished it...again!

Question: So, are you guys done yet?!
Answer: Well, right now the baby is still being formed and stuff...soooo, technically we're not done yet.

Question: How are you guys going to afford another baby?!
Answer: In the same way we do now. We aren't rich, our kids don't get every single thing they want, we don't buy brand new expensive name brand clothing, we don't go on elaborate family vacations...but, God blesses us abundantly and our family has also been blessed with the absence of materialism. I thank God my children don't crave the materials of this world...they enjoy family! We could easily buy their affections, but will that last in the end? Will all those "things" matter? I want our children to think on their childhood and remember Mom & Dad talking to them and teaching them about God, loving them unconditionally, lovingly disciplining them when necessary, caring deeply about them, knowing they were important to us, spending time with them, and just having the greatest times together as a family...even if they were simple...

Question: What are you guys going to do with another baby?!
Answer: Well, give birth...love them, hold them, kiss them, hug them, raise them...pretty much the same thing that we're doing with the other children we already have. Why? What do you do with your children?

Well...I hope I was able to address some of your concerns.
Now, if you could join our family in prayer of thankfulness, joy, and hope for our new little one to be.

With Lots of Love,
Tina & Gary