Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hey Christian! Do YOU Believe...

I was wondering something today after watching an interview with Bill Maher and former Governor Mike Huckabee, who also ran for President (who I voted for!)

Bill Maher was talking about his new movie Religious, and he and Huckabee were discussing "religion and faith".

That made me wonder about other Christian's biblical views.

So, here's a question for you Christian...

Do you believe that the Bible is the Word of God? I mean the true, actual, God breathed, God inspired, authoritative Word of God? Do you believe it can and should be taken literally, in it's entirety? Do you believe that even though "men wrote the bible", it is still the Word of God, and that only He (God) inspired these men?

The reason I ask is because I was very disappointed and even disgusted that our President George W. Bush (who claims to be a Christian) said that he does not believe that the bible should be taken literally. He even laughed and smirked like that was such a ridiculous question!

It makes me sick to my stomach that anyone who claims to be a Christian would dare say such a thing! It hurts to hear "so-called" Christians say that the bible is just a bunch of stories and that somethings you can take literally, but somethings are just metaphors or allegories. I hate hearing that Jesus was just a good man and that the bible is just full of examples on how we should live. I can't stand it when people claiming to be Christians will say that Jesus is just one of the ways to heaven. And that Jesus is right for them personally but may not be the right truth for someone else. I am so sick of the "Politically Correctness" polite crap!

As a Christian you should believe that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God and should be taken literally!

As a Christian you should believe that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God the Father! There are no amounts of good works, or being a really nice person that will earn your way into heaven! It is ONLY through repentance and faith! And, if there was another way...Why would God allow His only Son, Jesus Christ to be punished, to pay for our sins, to die such a horrible death on that cross, if there was another way?!

As a true Christian it should offend you deeply to hear other self-proclaiming Christians not stand up for and defend the truth!

As a true Christian we should believe it, preach it, teach it, and live it!

I'm sorry to sound angry, it's because I am. I'm so angry at our country for allowing the Christian Faith that we were founded on to be spit upon! I'm angry that we have allowed words like Jesus, sin, and hell to be considered offensive and even "hate crimes"! I'm angry that we've ripped prayer and God out of our schools, but force...errr...I mean, teach "tolerance" of very offensive things and even teach sexual education, which also encourages "safe-sex" with birth-control and condoms! I'm angry that this country allows us to murder our un-born babies, feed our lusts with inappropriate entertainment, allowed the sanctity of marriage to be shamed, all while we spit in the face of God! I'm angry that we all have to walk around on eggshells so as to not offend anyone, in fear of being sued! I'm angry that "Freedom of Religion" and "Separation of Church and Government" have been so badly misused and abused! I'm angry that this country has turned it's back on our Lord!

And, I'm angry that our leaders have also!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

For My Husband...(with love)

Well, my husband last night said that I really need to make a new post. Seriously, are you seriously being serious?! Do I not already have sooooo much to do?! Hello!!! baby...sick baby...sick kids...meals to cook...did I mention that we just had a new baby AND sick kids?!...and weekly doctor's appointments, noses to wipe, a baby that nurses like a mad man and butts to clean!...Ofcourse I only thought this all to myself...but out loud to him I said, "Oh, ok...I will."

Men! Do they not understand the busy-ness of a mom?! Seriously, just waking up and getting out of bed is an acomplishment these days! And then if I even manage to get dressed, brush my hair and my teeth...I am a winner! No, honestly my husband is super-duper amazing. He helps me out so much. Sometimes I do have to twist his arm a little bit and maybe even karate chop him with my words, but most of the time he totally rocks as a husband and father!

And, it really hasn't been that rough. Little Joshua is such a good baby! He cries so soft and hardly ever. He's already starting to smile and trying to talk to us. He's for sure going to be a "social butterfly", I can already tell! I'll be getting calls from school and notes sent home saying, "Joshua is such a sweet boy, he just needs to stop talking in class." Oh ya, that will for sure be him. But, for now...he's a wonderful baby! He just nurses like he's starving constantly. The doctor even said when she seen him that he has gained sooooo much since he was born (3 pounds in only 6 weeks!). She was very surprised that I was only nursing him! Joshua though is a little bit of a stinker! He's a "high needs" baby at times, and will only want MOM...that's when the fun begins! Because, it never fails that when he needs me so does Bella! Then I have to try and juggle both of them on my lap in my arms and they are both sobbing (ofcourse, what fun would it be without that?!) And, what doesn't help much sweet and loving husband is laughing at all of this! This is when I want to strangle my know, choke him! And, poor little Bella...she has been so very sick, then better, then sick again! Then ofcourse the cold ran through our house like crazy until we all got sick and then sick again! But, I remind myself that this time although stressful at times will be over so quickly, and we'll have an empty nest. I will look back and miss the "stressful moments". I am always looking back to when I first became a mommy...and now Toria is a 10 year old little stinker! And, JoJo's not to far behind her! Again, these cranky and fiesty moments will fade too, and the sounds of pitter-pattering little feet, little cries (and even big ones!), boo-boo's, and even the grumpy looks, huffy-puffy back-sass, stomping feet and slamming doors will all just be a distant memory. Hopefully a memory that we will all look back at and laugh, cry and thank God for!

I thank God with all of my heart for entrusting me to mother His children. I pray that even though at times I will indeed fall short, in the end I will hear, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

So, here I am posting for my darling husband! "Hi Honey, I love you!"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feeling discouraged, tired, overwhelmed...etc...

Well, Yesterday after dropping off the older kids at school I ran out of gas! This has actually happened before. But, not when I was 9 months pregnant and in my pajamas! Praise God that it happened right next to a gas station though, I was able to turn the wheel fast enough and hard enough to at least make it into the drive way of the gas station before the van completely died. I thought, "Well, at least I'm here and not on the road." So, I went to grab my purse...AHHHHHHHHHH...NO PURSE! YAY! Well, I looked in the rear view mirror at my beautiful little almost 2 year old and thought, "Hmmmm, my pajamas weren't too bad, they were actually kind of cute, and they matched the flip-flops I was wearing...I did have a stroller, and her little pajamas were pretty cute too, and they totally color coordinated with mine and even the stroller. Plus, we didn't live to far away, and the weather was really beautiful, and even though I am ridiculously pregnant and can't even stand the thought of walking upstairs in our house I was blessed with the ability to even be able to walk." Hey, I was trying to see the positive in this very un-positive situation. So, I went into the gas station and explained the situation to the kind of confused looking attendant, eventually I gave up with the sob story and told her I'd be back and to please not have the van towed. Well, the walk started off wonderfully actually. I praised God for the beautiful weather. Bella was waving at all the cars driving by while she said hi and bye to each one and she and I sang some songs. The sun felt good and the breeze was cool enough to keep us from getting hot, but warm enough to keep us feeling great. I even thought, "Well, I have been wanting to take a good walk to try and get this labor thing started, so now here's my chance." Again, just trying to remain positive...Ya, that only lasted about 45 minutes!!! Eventually my legs wanted to fall off and my uterus wanted to fall out! Sorry, I didn't mean to be so graphic! I was in the most agonizing pain ever! I wanted to cry my eyeballs out, which I did when I finally got home an hour and a half later! I just kept praying and praying that God would keep me going, and then when I finally saw our trash cans in our drive way (it was trash day), It all broke loose, I just cried and cried! I was never so happy to see my trash cans before in my life, it was such a beautiful sight, seriously it was! Finally I got inside the house and Bella and I plopped down on the couch and I smooched her and cuddled her like crazy! It was like we were lost in the Amazon for years and years and then we were finally rescued and back at home! Sometimes, I can be a little dramatic. And then came the CRAZY contractions, they were very hard and coming very fast, and I was in the most terrible pain ever! So, again I tried to think about this in a positive way...I thought, "Yes, here we go...even though that was soooooooooo excruciatingly ridiculous it will be so worth it because I just know that this baby has to be coming now!" Ya, never happened! "Are you kidding me?!" I asked God ever so gently. Then I thought if not even that crazy walk would start labor, would anything work, am I seriously never going to have this baby, is this going to be my new look?! So, that's where I am now...tired, exhausted, in pain, and very impatient! Sigh! But, praise God the baby is healthy and kicking, and Bella and I made it home! Again, looking for the positive!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm new at this...

Well, I'm very new at this blog thing and don't really know where to start...
Everyone I know seems to have a "blog", even my husband has one. I have been told by others that I should start one...I have this thing where sometimes I'll get a thought and then I'll go off on a tangent and write all of my opinions out (or I should say type) and then I'll email them off to everyone in my address book. Sometimes I get kudos, and then sometimes...uhhh...not so much. My Aunt says it's my way of writing and then publishing my thoughts. So, I think I'll try this out. I'm not sure really how far I'll get or even if I'll be able to keep this up, but I'm gonna try.
There may be quite a lapse in my postings since we have 5 children and I'm way pregnant and due like any day now. But, maybe that will be my next post...Our new little addition.