Friday, February 20, 2009

Homemade Laundry Soap...Yes, I'm serious!

So, during my pregnancy people often would compare our family to the Duggar Family. I had no idea who this Duggar family was. People would just say that we reminded them of that family. One person actually said, "Wow! Your pregnant again! What are you guys thinking?! Are you trying to be like that crazy religious family with like 20 or something kids...what's their name? Come must know that show...Oh ya, I think it's Duggar!" Ya, real nice...that's always what your aiming to hear when God has blessed you with a baby! Especially when some of those comments are from your ever-so-sweet family members! And especially when you're already feeling super-duper with all the lovely eventfulness of morning sickness and such! It's always so encouraging to be asked..."So, are you guys going to stop after this one, Is one of you guys going to finally learn your lesson and get fixed, Wow! How many kids do ya guys need?!" Oh man, those were just some examples of the sweetness we were exposed to...again, mostly from our family! Real encouraging guys, thanks for that!

Anywho...the topic of this post wasn't supposed to be "Oh poor me with the mean-ness during Joshua's cooking time in my belly" It's about Homemade Laundry Soap! Yay! Ok, so here's the deal...I wondered who in the world this Duggar Family was that we were constantly being compared I did what any curious person would do and Googled them...I watched a show, and quickly fell in love with this family! Well, the first show I watched just so happened to be them making their own laundry soap...I thought they were insane...nuts...crazy! Maybe I'm too lazy or something, but it seemed like just A LOT of unnecessary work! I'm a mom...I have enough work to do! Well, I can't lie...I was intrigued...dare I say...curious? Yep, I was curious...So, what did I do? I Googled it of course! Now, this is what I can make the liquid detergent...A LOT of work, or you can make the powdered soap...not that much work at all. So, I bought the ingredients and made some! All I have to say is...AWESOME! It totally works and costs soooooo much less than the name brand or even the no-name brand stuff and washes great! Ok, so I sound like an infomercial. Ya, I'm a nerd...Ok, I got it! Hahaha...Tina's a dork...hahaha...she made her own soap! Ok, Stop it...Did you get that out of your systems yet?! Now listen...Why spend more $$$ than you have to? We have 6 children and only one income...I want to save anywhere we can. It works, I love it!

Here's the recipe...(found in the laundry isle)

1 bar Fels Naptha bar laundry soap grated (I used a box cheese grater)
OR you can use Ivory Soap for sensitive skin, eczema or babies

2 cups washing soda

2 cups Borax laundry booster

Optional but recommended:
1 cup color safe bleach powder

Fels Naptha bar laundry soap....$1.29

Arm and Hammer washing soda 55oz. box...$2.89 (try to find the off brand, it's cheaper!)

20 Mule Team Borax laundry booster 76oz. box....$3.99 (again, off brand!)

Everyday Living brand All color ultra bleach 30oz box....$1.99 (Any brand of color safe bleach will work. This is a store brand)

Ok, Now mix all ingredients together! And, Viola!

Store laundry soap in an air tight container so that moisture doesn't make it yucky. I keep our's in a big plastic ice-cream know...those gallon size Cookies N' Cream plastic tubs with the handle? I always double the batch, so I need a big container! Man, I love those tubs...I use them for everything (hair ties, Matchbox cars, Polly Pockets, etc...) Ok, sorry...back to the subject!

You only need 2 Tablespoons per large load of laundry! Awesome, right? And only 3 Tablespoons MAX for "hard working man" or super gross baby laundry. You won't see a lot of suds and that's ok...Suds don't clean, products do! It is also great for soaking clothes and treating stains too. AND You do not need any fabric softener anymore, the clothes come out nice and soft! If you do have static you can use a little white vinegar in your rinse cycle (amount depending on the craziness of the static!) or dryer sheets. And, if you love your yummy scents, you can also get some essential oils and drop a tiny bit in the wash or even the rinse!

Well...That's it...EASY-PEASY...not a lot of work at all, just grating and mixing. Also, when you purchase all the dry ingredients, you are purchasing enough to make more batches. Just buy another bar or two of the soap when you run out and then make up another batch.

I haven't made the liquid soap...I think I'm to lazy! But, it does seems like the best deal in saving $$$. So, who knows...I have to admit that I'm also kind of curious on how the liquid works out too. Maybe I'll Google that next!

Have Fun & Happy Saving! Ya, I know...I sounded like an infomercial again!

P.S. By the way...I LOVE the Duggar Family! They seem to really have it together. She seems like such a loving wife and mother, and he seems like a good husband and father, and they all seem to love the Lord! I find it a compliment to be compared to them!