Tuesday, March 10, 2009


There are times in our lives when we feel that we are not worthy of God's love or can't even imagine how someone so beautiful and perfectly sinless could ever forgive someone like us.

How can this be true? How can it be possible that we can still be loved after all that we've done wrong?

God, our Heavenly Father knew...He knew even before the beginning of time that we would sin, what mistakes we would make, and how ugly we would be...

He chose to become man, He chose to send His one and only Son, He chose to take our sins and our punishment upon Himself. Jesus Christ chose to die for us in spite of who we are or what we did.

Jesus knew what we would be and still chose to come and die for us anyway...to love us anyway, to forgive us anyway, to save us anyway. Not because we deserve His love or forgiveness, but to display His amazing glory, His amazing mercy, His amazing love!

Through repentance and faith our sins are forgiven, there is no more condemnation, no more shame.

There is only love and freedom!

Thank you dear Lord for the cross! Thank you dear Lord for your amazing, merciful, saving grace!

Thank you dear Lord for being our Heavenly Father and loving your children even when we do fall.

Thank you dear Lord at times like these...times when we doubt, we have your Word filled with promises that we can run to...and please forgive us when we don't.