Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adventures with a Homeschooler, A Potty Training Toddler, A Newborn, and A Bee

Our 3rd Day of Homeschooling...well Pre-K Homeschooling...and we are still alive...and enjoying it!!! Little Bella was very sad at the thought of big brother and big sisters off to school and she'd be without her playmates. So, I asked her if maybe she'd like to "go to school" too, but at home. "No, I'm to little...I'll be to afraid!" She said. "Not at a school building Honey...I mean we'll do school stuff here at know, like sissy did before." I said...secretly kinda hoping that she'd not really dig the idea...I know, I know...Why offer it if I didn't want to actually do it? But, she was crying and I was feeling sad for her and then my stinkin' mouth spilled out words before I could stop it...Anyways...Bella LOVED the idea!!! Not only did she totally dig the idea, but she also thought it would be fun for her little brother Joshua (AKA Joshy) to "attend" our school as well...YAY!!! UH-OH!!!

Let the FUN Begin...

This Tuesday was Back-to-School...Bella was very sad to see them go...right after breakfast though, she kindly reminded me that we were supposed to do school be honest, I wasn't ready or prepared...I had nothing planned...I was really thinking maybe we'd start this "school" thing after the New Year. She stared up at me with her big ol' beautiful brown eyes and smiling so excitedly..."Right Mom?" What was I supposed to do? She's pretty stinkin' adorable...I gave in. I threw anything and everything together...and it was fun.

Today though has been quite the adventure...

Bella was full of "vim and vinegar"...or vigor...or however that saying goes. She still of course wanted to do school today...and so we did. Joshy, by the way is in the process of being potty'd never know it though if you weren't his Mama...this has been quite the fun task! Anyway, He's been a potty training maniac today...He keeps asking to go potty just to get the coveted reward (fruit snacks or tomatoes), but then zip, zilch, nada...Then, my beautiful little 6 month old wants to snuggle ALL DAY LONG...she is not digging the whole me putting her down for a second thing at all today...she had a rough time in the nursery at church last night, so there's no way she's letting me out of her sight right now...this also makes potty training a spider monkey...errr...ummm...I mean toddler rather difficult as well...and as a matter of fact she's sitting in my lap right at this very moment...Ok, so if all that's not enough to end our school for the day...a bee...a ginormous bee flies in and freaks us all out!!! At that scary moment I had Joshy on the potty, Bella dancing on her chair and singing very loudly while coloring her "red" paper, I was pouring a cup of coffee (God's beautiful blessing of a gift) and holding baby Bryanna while she was cooing and sucking on my chin...

"AHHHHHHH..." Bella runs into the kitchen and hides in a corner, I put the coffee cup down, put Bryanna in her snazzy jungle bouncer, shut the bathroom door so Joshy doesn't freak out anymore than he already is, take a sip of coffee (for power or something) and grab the broom...This bee obviously doesn't understand what he just did!!! I have not allowed any the day's "fun" events up until now disrupt our flow...and this jerk thinks he can just waltz right in and end it?! I don't think so stinkin' bee!!! So, I swatted at him...which was actually pretty dumb for me to do, because he then decided that he really didn't like that and wanted to show me just how ticked off he was..."AHHHHHHH..." again!!! I ran and hid too...Ok, that's it...Now I'm really mad...So, I "Army Crawl" over to the door and open it...then I grab the broom and swat at him again...then run!!! He eventually flies out the door and I slam it shut!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

"Yay did it...Ok, back to school work!" Bella squeals.

Hmmm...What was I thinking?

Bella "The Homeschooler"

Joshy "The Potty Training Toddler"

Anna-Banana "The Newborn"

NO WAY...I did not get a picture of the bee...

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