Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Am Thankful For...

This year is almost over...and the time for "Thanks" is already here! Wow, what a great learning year this has been for me!!! Although sometimes painful and rough, I know God uses anything, everything, ALL things for good!

I am learning to be content in what others may view as "little". I never thought that I wasn't content...I really and truly am happy with our "simple stuff"...I honestly don't have the desire to need (or want) more. But, this year God showed me just how dis-content I actually was...or can be.

Sometimes our finances looked a bit scary...sometimes even horrific!!! I'd pray hard for God's intervention and provisions...but, then I'd get up off my knees and turn right around and try to figure out a way to handle it myself...He was taking to long...or, my prayers would be answered in an unattractive/uncomfortable way. "That's not what I prayed for God...Well, it is but, that's not how I wanted it handled!" I was to prideful to accept His blessings.

This year it finally hit me..."Am I content with I satisfied in Him?" I wasn't. If He were to take away even our "simple things" I would have freaked out...I would be very angry, upset, and discontent with my Lord. I would have questioned Him..."What have I done...I'm not materialistic...I don't desire what the world does...look at me God, I don't deserve to be treated this way by You...why won't You just have mercy on me and just bless me!?" But, what has He already blessed me with? What does He bless me with everyday? My life, my husband, my children, my home, food, clothing, a vehicle, our health, my family's health, a baby-to-be, my salvation!

God loves me! He wants me to be content and satisfied in Him...Him alone! If I had nothing else in this world, but Him...I should be just as satisfied...actually MORE! My husband is amazing and my children are the biggest blessings in my life...but God has to mean much more...He gave my family to is because of Him that I have them! Sometimes life get's hard and scary...and even sometimes horrific...but I know now that I must trust Him and His love for me...He will provide in the best way He deems right...even if it makes me squirm and it isn't just what I had in is His will, and may His will be done...and may I be truly content with that. I am thankful for His merciful and loving kindness.

I am thankful this year for God's love, God's blessings, God's mercy, God's patience, God's refining, my husband, my beautiful children, my beautiful baby-girl-to-be, our health, my home, our stove/oven, electricity, running water, a full and working refrigerator, our clothing, working vehicles, my husband's job, the pleasure of being a "stay-at-home mom" know, all the "simple little" things!

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