Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Letter 2016

Dear Family & Friends,

I have always wanted to do one of those “year end” Christmas letters that give you a rundown of how that family’s year went. They’re pretty cool and I look forward to getting them each year from those that I receive them from. I told myself that I was going to start doing almost 10 years ago...Hahaha! I always had the excuse that I was just waaay too busy...maybe one day. Well, I figured I’d start today since I haven’t purchased any Christmas cards yet (since we’re always pretty much last minute over here) and it’s too cold out to go to the store anyway ;o)

Please bear with me as this is my first one and I’m just flying by the seat of my pants with this idea...Haha!

2016 has been very good to us. We’ve had our ups and downs like everyone else, but God is always faithful! To start off the year, as a surprise to us, we found out that we were expecting another little one! We were nervous...Not just because of my heart stuff, but because we’re getting stinkin’ old...Haha! Right away though, we had a terrific medical team and I knew that God had placed us in good hands.

The next big thing to happen was that Gary (my Babe!) officially became self-employed. This was something that he had been working towards since 2014 and to see it actually happen was truly awesome! But with big exciting things sometimes bummers can happen as well. During this transition from employee to self-employed he lost close friends, but in God’s kindness we also gained new friends! Gary works very hard and our family is so very proud of him...I am very excited to see where this still very new adventure will take him! Ok wow, that was a lot of very’s...Haha! If you wouldn’t mind praying for him, I’m sure he’d more than appreciate it!

Hmmm...Let’s see...Oh yes! We also took a much needed trip to visit my family in California! I finally got my Babe and babies waaay over on the other side of the country to see where I grew up and to meet some family. Unfortunately it was only a week (including drive time) and we didn’t get to visit like we really wanted, but it was still a wonderful time! Looks like a Summer 2018 is being planned! You know, even getting stranded in the Utah mountains for almost 5 hours cause the truck broke down was wonderful...Long story, but God is good!

Ok, onto our kiddos…

Victoria ~ She turned a whopping 18 years old and graduated from high school!!! Ahhh...Way to make me feel really old! Right now she is taking a year off...I say taking a year off, but I don’t think this girl has been any busier! She is working at our local movie theater, volunteering as a leader with the girls’ scouting troop, all while taking religious education classes at our local church...Plus some! She is pretty sure that she will be returning to school in Fall 2017 and is considering Special Education. She is fantastic with kiddos and has such a sweet patience with those that need it! Please be in prayer for this too...That if this is God’s will, His will be done!

Jordan ~ He just turned 16 whole entire years old this month!!! He’s now a Sophomore in high school and very involved in band. Band is pretty much his life...Haha! He plays the trombone and is First Chair in Symphonic Band, which he had to audition for to join! He is also learning Dad’s business...It’s cute watching those two and listening to them talk on and on about computer stuff that I have no idea what any of it even means...Haha!

Kaylie ~ She will be 14 in just a couple months and is in her very last year of middle school (8th grade). She loves listening to music, painting and drawing...and her phone...and sleeping...Haha! She’s basically 13 going on 24!

Grace ~ She is going to be 12 in just a few weeks and is now a middle schooler (6th grade). She also loves art...but more drawing than painting. She likes cooking and baking...and singing...loudly...very loudly...Haha!

Isabella ~ She is 10 and in the 4th grade. This girl is probably one of the most coolest chicks you will ever know! She’s always busy! She’s played softball since Kindergarten and is also involved in scouts. She has this humble confidence that is unheard of! She loves to love and has such a servant’s heart! She aspires to be a professional skateboarder, surfer, snowboarder and drummer...Oh, and she also wants to be the President someday too!

Joshua ~ He is 8 and in 2nd grade. This little guy is sweet and sensitive...But also, wild and crazy! He’s been playing baseball since Pre-K, but you’ll often find him playing in the dirt or cloud watching out on the field...Haha! He loves being outside, trains, nerf guns and drawing.

Bryanna ~ This little pumpkin is 5 years old...Oh, I mean 5 AND a half...Haha! It’s VERY important to her that the ½ is included! This girl is our little firecracker! She’s a feisty little thing who I’m sure won’t take any junk from anyone or be a pushover...Haha! She’s such a girly girl princess while dancing in her dance class, but also a sporty star out on the softball field! She loves climbing trees, coloring, tea parties, Barbies and our cat Nacho who she carries around like a baby.

And last but not least, Little John Russell ~ He’s now 4 months old and 18 pounds of adorableness! He’s our beefcake already wearing 6-9 months clothing! Such a sweet and happy little long as he’s in Mama’s arms. Right now he’s snuggling up in my lap as I type this one handed...Haha! He’s our surprise blessing! He came at a time in my life when I was trying to figure some stuff out about faith. He is a much needed gift that has completed our already large family...Haha! His pregnancy was such whirlwind and his birth was absolutely incredible! Every birth is is so precious, but his was such an amazing moment. God every way. May I always remember God’s faithfulness and goodness to me!

Oh wait...Me! Haha...Well, this baby is starting to lose patience with my attention being divided so I’ll try to make this short...I’m good. My heart health is good. I’m so in love with and very thankful for my family...every day! And, I am thankful for all of you! I love my Lord in whom all blessings flow!

May you all have a very Merry Christmas & a wonderful New Year’s!

With Lots of Love,

~ The Morris Crew
Gary, Christina, Victoria, Jordan, Kaylie, Grace, Isabella, Joshua, Bryanna and Little John

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