Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My 5 year old's Theology...

Bella, my beautiful little 5 year old was singing along with the radio this morning as loudly as she possibly could...She suddenly stopped singing and says, "Mama wait, can you turn it off for a minute?" I turn the radio off and listen, because she obviously has something important to say if she's gonna ask me to turn off music...She's kinda like a music loving maniac!

"Mama this is a song about Jesus, right?"

"Yes Honey, it is."

"Well, I think God made this man's heart want to sing songs about Him."

"Hmmm...You do? Why is that?"

"Because he sinned before and then God made his heart new and clean and now he wants to sing songs about God instead of other stuff."

"I think you are probably right Sweetie."

"Ya, and I think God said to him that Jesus died for him and now he is forgiven, now he isn't having a dirty heart because he has a new heart, and his sins are all washed far away. God said to him that he is a new person and now he doesn't want to sing about stuff like playing games, or going to the park, or going grocery shopping, or singing about clothes. He just wants to only sing about God now because God said that He wants him to let all that sin go and be new and cleaned in his heart. So God helped him know all about Himself. And God said follow Me now. No more singing about all of that other stuff. Sing about Me now."

Wow...Was my only thought...I just couldn't even talk...

"Do you think that to Mama?"

"Honey, I do...I really do."

Then she said that I could turn the music back on and she jumped back into singing. Even though a different song was now playing...She knew the words...

"Where You go, I'll go
Where You stay, I'll stay
When You move, I'll move
I will follow You..."

~I Will Follow - by Chris Tomlin

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