Monday, January 12, 2009

The Mom Song

Before you watch the video I wanted to say that I originally heard this song from my husband who played it for me off of a internet/radio program who has it posted on their website. Well, I usually agree with their views and opinions on most issues but on this I did not...but hey, we are all entitled to our own opinions, and the world would be pretty boring if we were to all agree on EVERYTHING.

P.S. They didn't like it...they said it sends out a message that moms are stressed out and un-happy. Oh's funny and true! But, in their defense they are men who said this...they probably don't or can't understand that you can be both completely stressed out and completely happy at the very same time! HeHeHe!

I think this video is hilarious! It's the perfect "MOM song" Mothers do have a very huge responsibility. On top of trying to keep our homes and "wife-ing" under control, running errands, and trying to remain calm and...well sane...we also have the stressful (yet blessed) responsibility of raising children! God must have a sense of humor! I'm sure of it...If I were a betting woman I'd "double down" on that one! It's so amazing to think that our families still come to us (moms) for advice...We are nuts!

Seriously though, I do praise God for trusting me with this amazingly, awesomely, wonderfully, blessed...dare I say job, or task? Well, it IS a job...Mothering is indeed work. I think some mothers cringe at that...Mothering = Job. But, why? We work hard at what we do (I literally work up a sweat sometimes!) and that's ok to admit. If it were easy then we'd have a world full of "little angels" and well...we don't! We were born sinners and well...we act like it! So, mothering does have it's challenges. But, it doesn't mean moms are unhappy or would rather be on vacation. Well, now that depends...I'd love to go to Hawaii! But, not without my kiddies! Well...maybe without them if it was a second honeymoon situation with my loving husbando...then that would be super-duper groovie! But, I would call them a gazillion times! And, this probably would never happen until they are like in college or something!

Ok...Anyways, back to the subject on Mothering and it being ok to refer to it as being a job...That's it! Simply put! I will say that being a mom is the most enjoyable yet stressful job that I have ever experienced...and I LOVE every single moment of it! My children will be in my home and under "my wing" for such a small window of time, I want to cherish all moments of this time...even the poopy ones! During the difficult "back sassy" moments God is teaching both my child and I something...what is it? Well, I won't be able to find out if I don't do my "job". If I just sit on my hands and give in to my child and let him/her walk all over me so that I don't offend them or damage their self-image, or put a dent into their self-esteem, then I am really just hurting them for when they are out in the real world dealing with real life.

This world today is full of selfish, obnoxious, self-absorbed, arrogant, little brats whose parents weren't brave enough to obey God's parenting plan but instead chose to go with the world's psycho analyzing, liberal method! And, I'm not saying God's parenting plan is super easy-peasy...cause it's not! It would be so much easier to give in to the whining sassy pants stuff the kids throw at you. It's tough to have rules and remain consistant. It's hard to be the "strict", or the "over protective" mom when your children's friends and even other family members get to pretty much do whatever they want just as long as they're happy. But, I try to remind myself I'm not trying to be "cool", or be my children's "BFF", or get "props" from their "peeps". I'm trying to do a good job of Mothering them, loving them, keeping them safe, raising them to remain respectful even in our world full of "brats", and to love the Lord their God with all of their heart, all of their mind, all of their soul, and with all of their strength!

I fall short...all of the time! But, I do pray that I learn from my mistakes, and do a better job the next time. I thank God everyday for my children, I thank Him for the strength, patience and love He has given me. I am for sure a work in progress, and I am thankful for His patience with me!

When my children are all on their own and I'm sitting at home in my "empty nest", I will indeed be reminiscent of my happy, stressful, crazy at times, blessed beautiful "job" of being a mother!

I love being a mom, thank you God!

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